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University of Waterloo

Theme 4: Learning Objects Data Mining and Knowledge Extraction

Research Progress

Shady Shehata is further working on his semantic-based model. He is working on a new algorithm that optimizes the process of concepts extraction with respect to runtime complexity and memory allocation to come up with an efficient algorithm that can be used in limited computing resources.

Hanan Ayad enhanced the simulation-based analysis and the theoretical study of her developed method, which deals with the extraction of global cluster structures for collections of data objects, through the aggregation of multiple data partitions. She also introduced a general framework for dealing with partition aggregation. Currently, Hanan is working on completing her Ph.D. thesis.

Maryam Shokri has applied the Q(lambda) and NOQ(lambda) for image thresholding.

Rasha Kashef is working on a cooperative framework that involves multiple clustering techniques. The goal of the cooperative architecture is to increase the homogeneity of objects within clusters through cooperation between the invoked clustering approaches.

Ahmed Frahat has progressed in his work of text summarization by developing a network flow approach to represent phrases.



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R. Khoury, F. Karray, M. Kamel, "A Rule-Based Grammatical Function Tagger", in Association for Computational Linguistics, currently under review.

R. Khoury, F. Karray, and M. Kamel, "Knowledge Representation using Possibility Theory: An Exploratory Study", in IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Sets and Systems. Submitted in January 2008, currently under review.

Conferences Attended

Dr. Kamel delivered a keynote speech in the 21st Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering ( the major IEEE Canada event) held in Niagra Falls, May 5-7 on “Decision Aggregation and Cooperative Training in Classifier Ensembles”.

Masoud Makerehchi, presented the paper “Automatic Extraction of  Domain-Specific Stopwords from Labeled Documents,” in the 2008 European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR2008), held in Glasgow, Scotland, 30th March-3rd April 2008.

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