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Partner's Workshops

LORNET Research Symposium:

A first workshop named LORNET Research Symposium did materialized this summer. Held at the University of Saskatchewan on August 19 th 2005 it was opened to partners and the community. Keynotes and presentations can be accessed at: http://www.cs.usask.ca/spec_int/workshops/elearn/lornet.html


Advances in learning objects:

A second workshop is planned at University of Ottawa on October 4 th, 2005; see the following announcement. For more information, please contact Dr. Abed El Sadik (elsaddik@site.uottawa.ca ).

The preliminary agenda is as follow:

Presentation of LORNET and LORNET 6 pillars (theme 1 – 6)
Presentation of the goals of theme 5 and the different projects within this theme as well as our plan for the year 2005 -2006

Demos of the diverse projects under theme5:

  • Creation of Advanced Multimedia LO
  • Protection of LO by Digital Watermarking
  • Navigation of LOR by VR metaphors
  • Adaptation of LO according to user context / profile and network QoS
  • LO Delivery to user

We will also be pleased to discuss with our different industrial partners any new idea and research project that fits both parties’ interests.

We hope to see most of you and would be grateful if you could inform us - as soon as possible - how many persons from your organization are planning to attend to facilitate some logistics.


TELOS testbed (evaluation)

An invitation has been sent to all LORNET partners and researchers to participate in a TELOS testbed (evaluation). The evaluation team should be composed of instructional designers and end users. The evaluation tasks would be executed at each participant’s convenience, that is, in their own space and time.

Participants will be required to follow two preparation sessions to familiarize with the TELOS environment demanding a total of 2 to 3 hours. These sessions will be held at a distance, using some videoconferencing technology. The evaluation process will begin in January 2006 but participant names are requested no later than October 17 th, 2005.

For more information, contact:
Karin Lundgren: karen.lundgren@licef.teluq.uquebec.ca
Ileana de la Teja: idelatej@licef.teluq.uquebec.ca

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