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I2LOR-2007 - User Centered Knowledge Environments: From Theory to Practice

Pre-conference Tutorials & Workshops

Sunday, November 4, 2007



A-am: TELOS Tutorial
Presenters: François Magnan (TELUQ-UQAM), Michel Léonard (TELUQ-UQAM)

Complete tutorial on how to download, install and navigate thru the TELOS system. Full guided tour on specific software tools followed by exercices.


B: Services, Workflows and Rich Internet Applications - Technologies of Web 2.0 Applications
Presenters: Dmytro Dyachuk & Ralph Deters , Saskatchewan University

This tutorial focuses on the concepts, underlying technologies and deployment issues of services, workflows and rich internet applications (RIA). Staring with a discussion on the limitations of the classical client-server architecture, the basic concepts of Services, Service-Orientation, Workflows and Rich Internet Applications are presented. This is followed by a presentation of technologies and platforms for developing Services (e.g. SOAP, REST), Workflows (e.g. BPEL, XOML) and RIA (e.g. Flex 2). In the final part of the tutorial various development and deployment issues like "Exposing functionality via Services", "Workflows & Exception Handling" and "Consuming Services in a RIA".


A-pm: TELOS Testbed
Presenters: Karin Lundgren-Cayrol, Michel Léonard, Isabelle Savard &Claire Banville (TELUQ-UQAM

Annual testbed carried out for TELOS evaluation purpose.  Presentation of the testbed scenario, presentation of the scenario editor interface. Participants will be contacted in advance to get ready. The testbed will be conducted in duos.  A focus group will be carried out during another short session.


 Dragan Gasevic, Athabasca University (Canada)

René Witte, Karlsruhe University (Germany)

Carlo Torniai, Simon Fraser University (Canada)

C: Tools for the Semantic Web
Presenters: Dragan Gasevic, Athabasca University (Canada); René Witte, Karlsruhe University (Germany); Carlo Torniai, Simon Fraser University (Canada)

The Semantic Web vision is considered the next generation of the Web that enables sharing data, resources and knowledge between parties that belong to different organizations, different cultures, and/or different communities. Ontologies and rules play the main role in the Semantic Web for publishing community vocabularies and policies, for annotating resources and for turning Web applications into inference-enabled collaboration platforms. After a short introduction into the basic concepts, standards, and tools of the Semantic Web, we present how today's Semantic Web tools, languages, and techniques can be used in various application. We first start from the use of the Semantic Web technologies for providing online educators with feedback about how their students use online courses in learning management systems. Next, we demonstrate the use of the Semantic Web technologies and text mining techniques to improve software development process and software maintenance. Finally, we explain the use of the Semantic Web technologies in multimedia-enhanced applications.


D: PALETTE Worshop
Presenters: Bernadette Charlier (Université de Fribourg), France Henri (LICEF - Teluq- Uqam) and Bastien Vaucher (EPFL - Lausanne)

This workshop presents part of the research and development conducted by the European project PALETTE (Pedagogically sustained Adaptive Learning Through the exploitation of Tacit and Explicit knowledge).

Using a simulation strategy, it offers the opportunity to get familiar with the custom made participatory design approach adopted by the project. Participants are invited to take part in a two steps experiment. Firstly, an appropriation session allows confronting the services in use with the anticipated use of the developers. Secondly, participants interacting with project researchers and developers determine improvements for better services to support the activity of a community of practice.

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